17 Brown Ranch Road, Redrock, NM 88055, USA

(575) 542-9725

Redrock Honey Company

Welcome to the Redrock Honey Company, a local honey farm!


About Us

Our Story


We are startup local beekeepers, with our honey farm located in the Gila Valley at Redrock NM.  Our three beeyards are spread from the Redrock Canyon to Dripping Springs along the Gila River.  Each beeyard produces slightly different honey at different times throughout the year.  We are located in a pesticide/herbicide free area, so our honey is as organic as can bee!

What we offer


Pure Raw Honey For Sale

We sell Pure, Raw, Unfiltered Honey from Redrock NM in Southwestern NM.   Our Apiaries are located along the Gila River in Grant County.


5 Frame Nucleus Hives for sale.

We make up and sell "nucs" periodically and in season.  You may call and place an order.


Swarm Capture and Honeybee Relocation Services

Time permitting, we capture swarms and perform "Cutouts" to safely remove  honeybee colonies from unwanted locations and rehome them to standard bee hives.

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Redrock Honey Company

17 Brown Ranch Road, Redrock, NM 88055, us

(575) 542-9725


Please call ahead to make sure we are home, and available.